Working conditions of postdocs at ISTA

All postdocs at ISTA are employed by the Institute, even if they were awarded a stipend or fellowship. They receive an employment contract and are covered by health, work accident as well as retirement pension insurance according to Austrian social security law. In addition, employees can choose between a private accident insurance covering accidents in one’s leisure time or a contribution to a private health insurance.

A full time position corresponds to a normal weekly working time of 40 hours (lunch breaks not included). Postdocs may distribute their working hours at their own discretion and do not have to record their working time. Some funding agencies may however have special policies.

Employment goes along with 25 working days of vacation per year, i.e. 5 weeks. There needs to be an agreement between the postdoc and their supervisor about the specific dates of your vacation days. Vacation days need to be recorded in the dpw system. The same holds for sick days and business trips, e.g. a attending a conference.

Home office and remote working: In agreement with their supervisor, postdocs can work from home or remotely within Austria. If you need to work from abroad, you will have to request a business trip or – for longer stays – a secondment.

Postdoc salary levels 2024

There are three salary levels for postdocs at ISTA. The group leader decides which salary level applies. The salary covers all performance by a postdoc, and as such already includes any overtime or work performed on Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays.

LevelSalary (full time)
gross/month, including overtime
Salary (full time)
gross/year, including overtime

Net salary calculator and taxation in Austria

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You can find more information here below regarding taxation in Austria: