Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellows in Postdoctoral Fellowships

Career Development Plan

As MSCA Fellow you must establish a Career Development Plan or “CDP“.

The purpose of the CDP is to outline your training requirements, taking into account your research objectives and career goals. For example, this could include training on transferable skills, teaching, planning for publications, and participation in conferences and events aiming at opening science and research to citizens.

PLEASE NOTE: The CDP must be submitted as a Deliverable by month 6 of your project.

Please make sure you upload your CDP in due time. If you have any issue with accessing the portal or uploading the file, please get in touch with Grants Office.

To find who is the Grant Officer that looks after your fellowship, please click here.

The CDP can be updated when needed.

Please use the below template:

You are advised to discuss the sections of goal setting, supervision and skills with your supervisor. The career planning section you can fill in just by yourself if you prefer not to discuss this with your supervisor.

You are very welcome to arrange a 1-1 meeting with Daniela Klammer to discuss career plans or any other topic related to the CDP and check out Career Services website for more information about career support at ISTA.